A Modern Tabletop Games Convention

31 Jan - 2 Feb 2020

Meeples Summit is a tabletop gaming convention at The Summit in Scarborough, enjoying our second year after a brilliantly successful start in 2019. There will be two large halls full of open gaming with a packed games library to borrow from, organised tournaments with prize support, a charity raffle, a relaxing coffee lounge, and more.

Beginning on the Friday with a busy evening of gaming with tea & coffee from The Hub Coffee Lounge, the weekend is packed with activities for everyone, from the most casual interest to the dedicated gamer.

On Saturday morning, everything will be happening - TAU Gaming will be offering exclusive deals on the latest in tabletop gaming, The Hub will be open for food & drinks, and friendly volunteers will be running demos of some of the best experiences our hobby has to offer.

The final day of the convention is Sunday, a relaxing time of open gaming in the Upper Hall. We're expecting the Sunday to be a little quieter, if last year is anything to go by. If you got wrapped up in the excitement of Saturday, this is your chance to wind down and play some more games with your friends - the ones you came with, or perhaps the ones you made along the way.

As we get closer and closer to the event, more details will emerge on our Facebook event, so be sure to check there for updates! You can also sign up to get email updates here:

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Individual: £10
Family: £25*
*Family ticket is for up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Friday 1 Feb

Welcome To... The Great Hall

A cosy evening to make new friends and enjoy great board games 6pm - 10pm

The Great Hall will be open for a time of open gaming with our games library and any games you may want to bring with you. Event staff will be on hand to book you in and help you with any other questions you have. As with all our open gaming, balloons will be available to take to a table to show to others in the room that you are looking for more players. It should be easy to scan the room and find a table to join!

Saturday 2 Feb

The Great Hall

Board games, shopping, tournaments and more 10am - 10pm

This is the main gaming space, right next to The Hub Coffee Lounge. A large hall, decked out with tables for gaming and a few key areas set aside for other activities:

Meeples Summit is going to be a great place to pick up a bargain and support small businesses making some really cool stuff! We've got some great vendors joining us this year:

Games Library
There will be a large library of games new and old to borrow from, using a £10 deposit scheme. Fork over the cash and you'll be given a library pass that'll let you borrow any number of games from the library, one at a time. At the end of the day, hand us your pass on the way out to get your money back!

Charity Raffle
Last year, our charity raffle raised £150 for St Catherine's Hospice - we're looking to beat that number! Throughout the day we'll be selling tickets for the raffle, and we'll draw for the winner around 4pm on Sunday, so that those who need to get back on the road before nighttime have a chance of picking up their prize. Your event ticket will come with one raffle entry, and you can buy more raffle entries for £1 each. Raffle prizes from Coiledspring Games, Big Potato Games and others will be here soon!

Organised Tournaments
We'll be hosting tournaments of some of the most popular competitive strategy games, with great judges and prize support. We're working with TAU Gaming and Scruffy Looking Dice Rollers to make the tournament experience the best ever.

Roleplaying Games
We'll have an area assigned for dungeon-delving adventurers to sink their teeth into some great campaigns. Everything you'll need will be here for an awesome adventure with a fantastically creative games master!

Game Demonstrations
Our dedicated team of staff & volunteers will be demonstrating some of their favourite games as well as the "new hotness", so if you're struggling to find a table with an empty space, look for a friendly demo. Also keep an eye out for the "looking for players" balloons around the room, as folks organise their own experiences in the open gaming space.

Bring 'n' Buy
We will have a dedicated, staffed area for event guests to bring their own games to sell to like-minded enthusiasts. For use of this service, we will charge the seller a flat £1 fee for each game successfully sold at the Bring 'n' Buy; no charge if you come home with the games you arrived with.

The Upper Hall

Tabletop miniature games & more open gaming space 10am - 10pm

What's better than one open gaming area? The answer is of course two open gaming areas. The Upper Hall will be decked out with tables and chairs, so come bring your games from the library downstairs and play in the quieter atmosphere of higher altitude. The space will also be where we focus our tabletop miniature games and roleplaying games, so if that's your thing, make your way to the top floor!

The Hub Coffee Lounge

Teas, coffees, & soft drinks as well as a large variety of hot & cold food 10am - 4pm

The Hub Coffee Lounge is your place to come and relax, as well as get a brew in and some food or snacks as well! Open from 10 til 4, it's the first room you'll come to from the building's entrance and is furnished with comfy sofas and chairs. We politely ask that you do not bring in your own food and drinks to The Summit.

The Crèche

A fun space for babies & toddlers, age 0 - 4 10am - 4pm

We want our event to be totally accessible for everyone, and that includes the youngest! This space has got comfy seating for parents & guardians as well as loads of toys and play equipment for little ones. Please note that this area is not suitable for older children and that all children must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

The Den

Pool, table football, air hockey & video games 10am - 10pm

Our third gaming space, this zone is accessible through the Crèche and boasts a PS4, two Xbox 360s, a pool table, table football and air hockey. It's a great place to come and unwind after a particularly challenging board game! This area is also great for those family members who might not share your enthusiasm for all things cardboard.

Please note: The Crèche and The Den are only accessible via a small set of stairs. Every other area in The Summit are wheelchair accessible.

Sunday 3 Feb

The Upper Hall

A quiet morning of open gaming 10am - 10pm

The Great Hall and other spaces are in use on Sunday morning, so from 10am we'll have the Upper Hall open for a time of open gaming with the games library. The Hub will also be open from 10am to 11am, and open again from 1:30pm. It's a great relaxing space for a few games. TAU will have a great selection of products on sale, and we'll draw the winners of our charity raffle! Last year we planned to migrate back to the Great Hall in the afternoon, but decided against it as the Upper Hall was simply perfect for a last-day farewell.

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Buy Tickets

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    There's nothing we want more than to have a great, packed-out weekend with loads of smiling faces. If you think this will be a fun event for you, please come along!
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    If you think you know someone who might be interested in Meeples Summit, please send them along to meeples.org.uk to find out all the details for themself. You can also share the Facebook event.
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    If you're in the tabletop gaming industry and think you have something to give to support this event, please get in touch with Jon.
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    4. Donate Games

    Our games library is growing every month and we're working partnership with TAU Gaming in Scarborough to get the latest and greatest games on our shelves for the event. Even so, please get in touch with Jon if you want to donate one or more tabletop games to us for the event, to make sure there's enough hotness to go around!
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    5. Donate Money

    Running an event like this costs us money - using the building, getting shirts & equipment, advertising and so on. If you want this event to be the greatest success it can be, please consider donating by getting in touch with Jon.

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