Racism says one person is better than another or has more rights than another.

Racism says one group of people are better or have more rights than another group of people.

Racism is in all its forms cuts across the true grain of humanity.

Racism is prejudice.

We believe black lives matter and that black people have the same rights and value as any other person.

We have many black people in our church who we love and value highly, who help to shape and define who we are as a church.

We believe at this time it is so important to engage in open conversation to understand the racism black people experience and then to be part of the answer to see this injustice eradicated. Jesus dealt with injustice by acting with justice. His justice was expressed through love by going to the cross. His love enabled forgiveness and reconciliation.

Let's deal with the injustice of racism with love that enables forgiveness and reconciliation.

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