Who's Who
at Kingdom Faith Yorkshire

Coming into a new place can be a daunting experience, especially if you haven't met anyone there before. We want you to feel incredibly welcome when you come to The Summit, for any reason! Below are just a few of the many warm, friendly people who would love to make you feel welcome.

Paul & Kate Abell
Senior Leaders

Paul and Kate Abell headed north in July 2007 to lead the adventure here. Paul & Kate have two grown up sons and some adopted fish. Paul is into classic cars, board games and seeing God transform lives. Kate loves chilling with a book, playing bass guitar and seeing God in action.

Paul & Kate Abell
Bryan & Charlotte Guy

Brian & Shona Ward
Associate Leaders

Brian & Shona came to join the team here in 2008. They have three grown up children and have recently been celebrating the births of two grandchildren! Brian likes going to the gym & watching football (Spurs) & rubgy (Tigers). Shona loves knitting, jigsaws and chilling… and they both love visiting coffee shops!

Adrian & Denise Moore
Church Pastors

Adrian & Denise followed God's call to 'Come Home' to Scarborough in 2010, having visited Yorkshire only 4 or 5 times previous! They provide pastoral support to the church alongside their gifted team. They have 2 grown up children who are also working in churches in the UK, and a wire haired fox terrier called Bronwyn, who provides exercise & fun!

Alex Brien
Bryan & Charlotte Guy

Bryan & Charlotte Guy
The Hub Coffee Lounge

Bryan and Charlotte were both born in Scarborough and got married in 2005. They are parents to Cameron (6, going on 15) and they love to serve God. Bryan likes good music, board games and has an eclectic taste in movies. Charlotte's passions include good food, good company and good wine!

Alex Brien
Music Director & Friday Club

Alex joined Kingdom Faith Yorkshire in 2011, while studying music at Hull Uni, Scarborough Campus. He now heads up Friday Club, Safe Haven and the worship team here, and you'll often find him at The Hub, too! Alex loves hanging out with friends, going surfing, and seeing people encounter God's love.

Alex Brien
Jon Begin

Jon Begin
Print, media & design

Jon came to Scarborough in 2009, and now lives with his wife Stacey and their cat, Ben Solo. He manages our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so you might have talked to him already without knowing it! Jon loves Nintendo games, Yorkshire Tea and hosting friends in his new house.

Claire Daniels
Prayer Room, Prophetic School & Finance

Claire came up to join the church in 2008, she has two teenagers and leads the debt advice ministry in Scarborough. Here at Kingdom Faith Yorkshire she heads up the Prayer Room, prophetic school and works on the finance team. She can drink tea and eat rice pudding for England and loves spending time with friends.

Claire Daniels

This page could continue on nearly forever, there are so many people involved in our groups and meetings! Every one of them will be keen to meet you and make you feel welcome. If you're looking for someone specific but you don't know what they look like, asking at The Hub might be your best move.

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Friday 24th May
2:00pm: THIS Session
2:00pm: THIS 19 with Paul and Sue Manwaring
4:00pm: THIS Session
7:30pm: THIS Session
Saturday 25th May
2:00pm: THIS 19 with Paul and Sue Manwaring
9:30am: THIS Session
11:45am: THIS Session
7:00pm: THIS Session
Sunday 26th May
2:00pm: THIS 19 with Paul and Sue Manwaring
10:00am: THIS Session
10:00am: Family Celebration
12:30pm: THIS Session
Monday 27th May
No special events this day
Tuesday 28th May
10:00am: Holiday Club
10:00am: Little Builders
1:00pm: Busy Builders
Wednesday 29th May
9:30am: Intercessors Prayer - Conference room
10:00am: Holiday Club
10:00am: Tiny Little Builders (u18 months)
12:30pm: Synergy
Thursday 30th May
10:00am: Holiday Club
7:30pm: God Encounter
Friday 31st May
2:00pm: Cavern Club
6:15pm: Youth Angels

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